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What Happens To The Vehicle When You Get Cash For Cars St. Petersburg?


Without a doubt, every person loves their vehicle from the core of their heart. Some of them invest a high amount of money in getting the car of their dreams. However, everything in this world comes with an expiry date and that includes vehicles as well. No matter how much you take care of your car, it is bound to expire at some point in time.

When that time comes, the only smart option that you are left is to sell your junk car in St. Petersburg. Most of the people go for this method as it is cost effective and provides cash for scrap. Once the car has been taken, often people wonder that what will happen to their car. If you are among such curious people, then here is the detailed guide on the process that the car goes after it is taken for scrap.

#1 Dismantle

After you have sold your car to us, the first thing that we will do is dismantle the car into pieces. The reason behind doing so is to get all the different parts of the car so that they could be sold separately. Parts like doors, bumpers, engine, water pump, and many other working parts could be sold to the needy. These parts cover most of the cost of the car sold and will assist in the buyer in generating revenue from the given car.

#2 Store and Recycle the Fluids

If the car was in working condition before breakdown, then it must contain a lot of fluids that could be used in the future. The most prominent fluids are gasoline, engine oil, brake oil, coolant, and other fluids which are removed for recycling. Most of the fluids are reusable and wasting them would be a foolish step.

#3 Shred the Scrap

Once all the usable parts of the car are removed, the remaining metal of the car is inserted inside the shredder. This shredder wills breakdown the metal into small pieces and these pieces are then moved for further industries. The metal chunks can be used to make new items depending on the industry that they are sold in. In some of the cases, this metal is used to remake a new car. You never know that you may get a new car from the same metal of your previous love (this is extremely rare). Not just the metal, but the rubber and plastic of the car is also recycled for other appliances.

We hope that this has ended your curiosity about what happens when you sell your junk car. No matter what type of vehicle you are selling, the process is the same for all the vehicles. In case you have an unusable vehicle in your yard, you can contact us at CarsforcashUSA to get cash for your car in St Petersburg. Once you book an appointment with us, you do not have to worry about your vehicle anymore as our professionals will tow your car and will provide you with the cash at the same time.

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